Daily News: Congo Declares Measles Epidemic

(12Jun19) A disease epidemic, a village attack, recovered remains, a journalist and a gender issue are in today's news.

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  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo,...
  • ...the health minister has declared a measles epidemic after the disease killed about 1,500 people.
  • The country already has been struggling...
  • ...to contain an outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease since last August.
  • Authorities in Mali are urging rival ethnic groups to show restraint...
  • ...after at least 95 people were killed in central Mali overnight when armed men attacked a village.
  • In Hungary, salvage crews recovered more bodies from the wreckage of a Hungarian tour boat...
  • ...that capsized on the Danube river in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, last month,..
  • ...killing 26 South Korean tourists and two Hungarian crew members.
  • In Russia, the Russian Interior Minister...
  • ...says charges have been dropped against investigative journalist Ivan Golunov,...
  • ...who was arrested on June 6 and charged with attempting to sell illegal drugs.
  • His arrest prompted an outcry over what journalists and critics saw as politically motivated charges.
  • Finally from Vatican City,...
  • ...the Vatican is rejecting the idea that people can choose or change their own gender,...
  • ...saying it poses a threat to traditional families, in a new teaching document released.

特色词汇 难度级别

  • EPIDEMIC (Noun) 7
  • WRECKAGE (Noun) 7
  • URGE (Verb) 6
  • CAPSIZE (Verb) 6
  • REJECT (Verb) 5


Comprehension Questions

  1. What happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo?
    1. The country became involved in wars against other African nations.
    2. The country was affected by an epidemic that killed over a thousand people.
    3. Its government stopped attacks on various villages.
    4. Its health minister asked for help regarding Ebola.

  2. What killed the South Korean tourists in Hungary?
    1. a boat that sank on a river
    2. an attack at a popular tourist spot
    3. a deadly epidemic in the capital city
    4. an outcry on politically motivated charges

  3. How did the Vatican react to people choosing or changing their gender?
    1. It fully supported the idea of people changing their gender.
    2. It ignored permissions from people wanting to choose genders.
    3. It opposed the behavior because it threatens traditional families.
    4. It threatened to remove the people from the Catholic church.

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think causes a disease to spread so fast?

  2. How can we prevent tourists from being killed during a trip?

  3. Should people be allowed to choose their gender? Why?