Daily News: Video Shows French Firefighters Saving Cathedral

(17Apr19) Cyclone and war victims, firefighters, climate change activists and a lawsuit are in today's news.

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  • In Mozambique, Doctors Without Borders says thousands of families...
  • ...are still struggling to find food, shelter and healthcare...
  • ...after Cyclone Idai hit on March 14.
  • The United Nations says the five-year-old conflict in Yemen...
  • ...has taken a "devastating toll" on the country's children,...
  • ...with thousands killed, maimed and recruited to fight since the war began.
  • In France, the Paris Fire Brigade has released footage showing firefighters and a robot...
  • ...battling an inferno inside Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral...
  • ...in an effort to limit further destruction to the iconic monument's interior.
  • In Britain, police have arrested more than 120 climate change activists...
  • ...who were blocking London's Waterloo Bridge...
  • ...in an attempt to force the government to do more to tackle climate change.
  • Finally from the United States,...
  • ...a Kenyan family has filed a lawsuit in Chicago against American aviation giant Boeing...
  • ...over a March 10 Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people.

特色词汇 难度级别

  • LAWSUIT (Noun) 7
  • ACTIVIST (Noun) 7
  • FOOTAGE (Noun) 6
  • TACKLE (Verb) 5


    Comprehension Questions

    1. How has the five-year-old conflict affected Yemen?
      1. It has driven away most Yemenis to other countries.
      2. It has severely affected children in the country.
      3. It has killed over half the population of the country.
      4. It has destroyed the country's government.

    2. What did the released footage in Paris show?
      1. It showed the person who burned down the cathedral.
      2. It showed how workers began rebuilding the Notre Dame.
      3. It showed how firefighters saved the monument from further damage.
      4. It showed how local residents tried to put out the fire.

    3. Why were activists arrested in Britain?
      1. because they were vandalizing government buildings
      2. because they were polluting the environment
      3. because they were blocking a bridge in London
      4. because they were harassing the police

    Discussion Questions

    1. What dangers can children face during a war?

    2. How can we prevent damages to historical structures like the Notre Dame?

    3. Should governments put more work into dealing with climate change? Why?